TX Barcode .NET for Windows Forms 4.0

TX Barcode .NET for Windows Forms 4.0

TX Barcode, as its name implies, is a very useful and practical component for reading or generating barcodes in .NET-based applications and websites. This component is easily able to read and generate one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes (or QR Code). The accuracy of this component in producing barcodes is very high and you can use it in your current projects without any worries. These barcodes are also of high quality and you can print them in printed forms with your desired features.

One of the interesting features of this component is the ability to add additional text next to the original text of the barcode. This additional text can be additional information about it and you can easily change its location. One of the main uses of this component is to generate barcodes for invoices and shopping lists. In addition to the complete information that you write through conventional .NET coding, these invoices will also have information barcodes that will increase the functionality of the invoices. The position of the production barcode and that it is paired with other elements is well at your disposal. This component supports various standards for barcodes and can produce almost all available types. You can easily use this component in web applications.

Features and specifications of TX Barcode:

  • Ease of using the component in .NET applications
  • Ability to display custom texts next to upload information
  • Ability to read one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes (or QR Code)
  • Compliance with different standards in barcodes
  • Ability to adjust the position of the text next to the load in the desired location
  • Full control over the size and dimensions of the generated load
  • Full compatibility with HTML5 and Web.TextControl (so you can use it well on ASP.net websites as well)
  • Good documentation with practical examples on the manufacturer’s website
  • Has a sample program to get acquainted with the performance of different parts

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

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Download TX_Barcode_4.0_.NET_for_Windows_Forms

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