Udemy – 100 Days Of Code – 2022 Web Development Bootcamp 2022
100 Days Of Code

Udemy – 100 Days Of Code – 2022 Web Development Bootcamp 2022


100 Days Of Code – 2022 Web Development Bootcamp is a comprehensive website design and development training course published by Udemy Academy. Unlike other existing courses, this training course has a schedule and offers different topics to the user in a budgeted manner.

The overall planning is such that the user can complete all the courses within 100 days and acquire the necessary skills to enter the job market. Web development is a great career opportunity that has a lot of growth potential. Almost all companies and businesses need web developers in their work environment, and in this regard, there are countless job opportunities in this field. The educational process of the course is completely project-oriented and you will face a programming challenge every day.

In addition to simple and basic topics such as HTML and CSS, this training course also includes more complex topics such as connecting a website to an online payment gateway, creating an API, and securing websites and provides you with an overview of the tasks and skills of a website developer. Modular techniques have been used in the educational planning of this course.

By using this technique, you can watch only the videos you need and not watch other videos that are not useful for you at all. Each part of the course is completely separate from the previous and next parts, and there is no need to follow the line and watch the videos step by step. During the educational process of the course, you will not only be satisfied with theoretical topics, but you will face many challenges, exercises, and tests, each of which will increase your skills.

Topics presented in this training course:

  • Behind the scenes of the web world and how it works
  • Basic familiarity with HTML, CSS, and finally JavaScript
  • Getting to know the structure of HTML documents and their various elements
  • Familiarity with basic and practical CSS concepts such as box model, flexbox, page layout techniques, etc.
  • Understanding advanced CSS concepts such as responsive design, custom properties, grid, etc.
  • Editing the Document Object Model (DOM) and creating interactive and user-friendly sites
  • Familiarity with events and their management methods with JavaScript
  • Server-side programming with NodeJS and ExpressJS
  • Work with different databases such as SQL and NoSQL
  • Building advanced and dynamic websites
  • Creation of authentication section and user login and logout page
  • Securing websites and getting to know the most common bugs
  • Different patterns of coding and website development
  • Upload files by the user and manage multiple files
  • Different techniques of quantification and checking the correctness of the data provided by the user (user input validation)
  • Implementation of external services and packages on the website
  • Familiarity with API and its use in the web world
  • Familiarity with different front-end frameworks and their applications in producing interactive and attractive websites

What you will learn in the 100 Days Of Code – 2022 Web Development Bootcamp course:

  • Familiarity with the web world and how to enter the job market
  • Different methods of building websites and web-based applications
  • Server-side programming and its various processes using NodeJS and Express
  • Creating a website user interface using basic web development technologies, namely HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Basic familiarity with advanced topics of website development such as user validation, database, queries, reactivity, etc.

100 Days Of Code Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Maximilian Schwarzmüller and Manuel Lorenz
Language: English
Education level: Introductory to advanced
Number of lessons: 641
Duration of education: 79 hours and 17 minutes

Course topics 100 Days Of Code – 2022 Web Development Bootcamp

100 Days Of Code


100 Days Of Code – 2022 Web Development Bootcamp course prerequisites

NO prior web development or programming knowledge is required! We’ll start from scratch!

You only need a computer or Mac to get started!

100 Days Of Code Course images

100 Days Of Code

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The previous name of the course was 100 Days Of Code: The Complete Web Development Bootcamp 2022.


The version of 2022/6 compared to 2021/10 has increased the number of 3 lessons, but the duration has decreased by 20 minutes.

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