Udemy - 300+ Important TOEFL Words: Advanced English Vocabulary 2021
Important TOEFL Words

Udemy – 300+ Important TOEFL Words: Advanced English Vocabulary 2021


300+ Important TOEFL Words: Advanced English Vocabulary is a training course of more than 300 important TOEFL test words published by Udemi Academy. If you are preparing for the TOEFL or other English language tests, or feel that your vocabulary needs to be improved, this course is for you.

The words taught are essential for the TOEFL test, but most of the material taught is also useful for the IELTS, PTE, and CAE tests. In addition, the words taught are common English words that are used in addition to the test. Therefore, those who want to increase their vocabulary apart from the test can also use this course.

The words taught are words that almost all English speakers know, but learners do not learn them because they are not used every day. Learning new words is difficult because of the lack of repetition, which can cause some learners to become frustrated. This course will help you to learn new words quickly.

The purpose of this course is not just to give you a list of English words, but to help you memorize them. The key to memorizing new words is repetition, so this course repeats each word in different sections (video, quiz, and audio file).

What you will learn in the 300+ Important TOEFL Words: Advanced English Vocabulary course:

  • Get a better score in all sections of the TOEFL test (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)
  • Significant improvement of English vocabulary
  • Learn words that English speakers know but learners usually do not
  • How to describe yourself with precise words and phrases

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Course specifications

Publisher:  Udemi
Instructor: Max English
Language: English
Education Level: Advanced
Number of Courses: 45
Training Duration: 6 hours and 33 minutes

Course topics


Important TOEFL Words

Course Prerequisites

At least an intermediate level of English (B1 is fine, but B2 or higher is recommended)
An eagerness to learn new things!

Course pictures


Important TOEFL Words

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