Udemy - 50 Days React Bootcamp: Build 50 Real World React Projects 2022
React Bootcamp

Udemy – 50 Days React Bootcamp: Build 50 Real World React Projects 2022


50 Days React Bootcamp: Build 50 Real World React Projects is a 50-day React Framework project-based training course published by Udemy Academy.

This training course is one of the most comprehensive courses on the Uedmy website in the field of website design and user-side development of web applications. In addition, to React framework, other technologies such as web sockets, REST API, Firebase, React Hooks, also teaches bootstrap and…

React is one of the most popular user application development frameworks for web applications, which uses a grammatical programming approach instead of notification programming, and in this regard, has made the development process very fast and smooth. Despite React, the role of human error and bugs in the project has diminished and the user can develop an application from zero to one hundred in the fastest possible time.

After learning the React framework, you will also get acquainted with one of the most important libraries of this framework, namely React Native. React Native allows you to output Android iOS applications from the final project and publish your application on different operating systems while developing the web application. React is a component-based library, and the components designed by this framework are reusable. The framework was designed by Facebook and accounts for about 50% of the front-end development market and the web user side.

What you will learn in the 50 Days React Bootcamp: Build 50 Real World React Projects course:

  • Build powerful, fast, and user-friendly applications with the React framework
  • Improve the user experience of React applications
  • Principles of JavaScript programming
  • React Hooks and its various components
  • Design and development of React-based applications step by step
  • React Native framework and porting web applications to two popular Android and iOS operating systems

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Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Sufa Digital Media
Language: English
Level of Education: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 601
Training Duration: 74 hours and 7 minutes

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React Bootcamp

React Bootcamp Course Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of React

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React Bootcamp

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