Udemy - A Complete Free Guide to the JAMstack and React E-Commerce [2021]

Udemy – A Complete Free Guide to the JAMstack and React E-Commerce [2021]


A Complete Guide to the JAMstack and React E-Commerce [2021] is a JAMstack training course for new generation architecture skills with the best speed, security, and scalability using React, Gatsby, and Strapi. JAMstack is the next step in the modern architecture of web applications, which can provide an answer to many of the limitations and frustrations of traditional applications.

In this course, which lasts for more than 75 hours, you will be taught everything to build full-stack programs from scratch based on the new generation architecture, JAMstack.

What you will learn in A Complete Guide to the JAMstack and React E-Commerce [2021]:

  • Build full-stack applications by improving your developer experience using JAMstack
  • Apply an e-commerce architecture with a product inventory list, interests, comments, and membership
  • Streamline functionality, security, and accessibility in addition to building pages using Gatsby
  • Easy content management
  • Customer service with a custom shopping cart and check-in system equipped with Stripe so users can store their purchase and order access methods.
  • Apply a JWT authentication with the login/login, forget / password reset, and social network integration page
  • Adopt the best ways to use modern React programs using functional components, React Hooks and React Context API
  • Develop our product to become a product available on AWS and Netlify
  • Add animation to your schedule with the help of react-spring and react-Lottie

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Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Zachary Reece
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Courses: 481
Duration: 78 hours and 39 minutes

Course topics:



Course prerequisites:

Basic JavaScript Knowledge
Basic React Knowledge (components, props, state)



Installation guide

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English subtitle

Quality: 720p

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