Udemy – Arduino For Beginners – 2022 Complete Course 2022
Arduino For Beginners

Udemy – Arduino For Beginners – 2022 Complete Course 2022


Arduino For Beginners – 2022 Complete Course is the name of the Arduino beginner training course. Are you learning Arduino from scratch and don’t know where to start? Or… you already have an Arduino board but feel stuck? At the end of this comprehensive course, you will have a strong Arduino foundation and can start any custom Arduino project you want. I’ll take you from a complete beginner – from scratch – to a confident Arduino builder. And you don’t need to know anything about Arduino, programming, hardware, or engineering to start the course. In this training, everything will be taught to you step by step and from scratch.

 You just need the motivation to learn Arduino. This course focuses on the practical aspect and has a specific and regular structure. Each new learning block builds on previous blocks. Without paying attention to irrelevant issues that distract your mind from the main path of learning! This tutorial has tried to teach you what you really need to learn now so that you can create your own projects. 

This course is divided into 4 main parts:

  1. First, you launch the Arduino IDE (or free online emulator), create your circuit, learn the basics of Arduino programming, and understand and work with digital/analog pins, control LEDs, push buttons, and potentiometers.
  2. After this “Arduino Basics” package, it’s time to get familiar with new Arduino functions to further your projects: timing, multitasking, reset, interrupts, serial, EEPROM.
  3. Now you will feel more confident to create any Arduino program or project. Here you will work with new hardware components such as ultrasonic sensor, LCD display, infrared remote control, and photoresistor.
  4. And to finish, a big final project: an interactive obstacle detection application. You will get a good challenge to create a real and useful Arduino project, which you can reuse and modify for your purpose. Bonus: You can complete the course with just a free online simulation tool, you don’t need hardware if you don’t want to.

What you will learn in Arduino For Beginners – 2022 Complete Course

  • Master Arduino from scratch
  • Create an interactive obstacle detection application
  • Program Arduino with C/C++
  • Learn through practical lessons
  • Learn by doing and not just by watching
  • Start directly with best practices
  • Work with LEDs, push buttons, potentiometers
  • Store values ​​in Arduino with EEPROM
  • Multitask your apps
  • Explore Arduino Interrupts
  • Distance measurement with ultrasonic sensor
  • And ……

Course details:

Publisher: Udemy

Lecturer: Edouard Renard

English language

Education level: introductory

Number of courses: 150

Training duration: 14 hours 53 minutes

The headings of the Arduino For Beginners – 2022 Complete Course:

Arduino For Beginners


Arduino For Beginners – 2022 Complete Course prerequisites:

  • As the entire course can be done with a free online simulation tool, no hardware component is needed to complete the course.
  • But if you want to do the real Arduino circuit (recommended), you’ll need an Arduino board and a few other components (list of components available in a free preview lesson).
  • NO required knowledge in Arduino, programming, hardware, or engineering.
  • Just a motivation to start doing fun and useful Arduino projects.

Arduino For Beginners Course pictures:

Arduino For Beginners

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