Udemy – Autodesk AutoCAD – Beginner to an advanced level 2022
Autodesk AutoCAD

Udemy – Autodesk AutoCAD – Beginner to an advanced level 2022


Autodesk AutoCAD – Beginner to an advanced level is the name of the AutoCAD training course from beginner to professionally published by the Udemy website. Whether you are self-taught and want to improve your skills to become more efficient and productive, or have never used the software before, this Autodesk AutoCAD training course will give you a solid foundation to become a confident AutoCAD user and develop advanced skills. This comprehensive course is the perfect start to your career in CAD design. 

This course will give you a competitive edge in your career and make you stand out from all the applicants and employees. This course is designed by an industry expert to help you learn quickly and efficiently, at your own pace and convenience. . Your experience level will grow as you progress through the course, instead of us filling you in from the start with unnecessary information you won’t use. We start with the basic features of each tool and then move on to more advanced features as the course progresses, constantly practicing these newly acquired skills with numerous exercises.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Beginners looking for a refresher course
  • People who want to improve their design skills can learn tips and tricks from an industry expert
  •   People who intend to prepare well for the Autodesk Certified User Exam (ACU).
  • Upon completion, you will have the skills and knowledge to complete a project from start to finish, using all drawing tools and methods.
  • You will be taught how to create your own text types, dimensions, layers, and blocks for use in your work environment.
  • All tools are explained in detail with their literal definitions, illustrated with easy-to-follow illustrations, and put into practice with guided exercises.
  • Prepares you to work independently as well as understand common office standards.
  • At the end of the course, there is an extra section where you can request a clear video on any problem you have.

Course details:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: S15 Studio
  • English language
  • Training level: introductory to advanced
  • Number of courses: 182
  • Training duration: 12 hours 33 minutes

Chapters of the Autodesk AutoCAD course – Beginner to an advanced level :

Autodesk AutoCAD


Autodesk AutoCAD course prerequisites – Beginner to an advanced level:

  • No prior knowledge of AutoCAD is required.
  • Students should have a good working knowledge of how to use a PC, this course does not cover the MAC software.
  • A working mouse with a scroll wheel is essential.
  • A second screen is recommended to view the videos while using AutoCAD on the other.
  • AutoCAD software must be installed, a 30-day free trial is available from Autodesk. The first section of this course will guide you through the download and installation process if you have not done so already

Autodesk AutoCAD Course pictures:

Autodesk AutoCAD

Installation guide

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