Udemy – AVR microcontrollers: C language, electronic devices 2022
AVR microcontrollers

Udemy – AVR microcontrollers: C language, electronic devices 2022


AVR microcontrollers: C language, electronic devices is a training course to learn about electronic devices and work with AVR microcontrollers and their programming with the powerful C language, published by Udemy Academy and suitable for people who are interested in learning hardware programming. This course is suitable for both beginner and advanced electronics and software engineers.

In this course, you will first get to know the types of ports, ADC, inputs, and outputs, EEPROM, PWM, timers, and interrupts. Also, during the course, you will increase your experience and skill in this area by creating relationships with various peripheral devices, sensors, wireless devices, etc. In the continuation of the training, you will get to know the types of interface wires and connections, and you will be able to connect different microcontrollers, display devices such as LED and LCD, keyboard, etc., and manage all of them with the C programming language.

If you are curious about making electronic devices but don’t have enough skills and experience in this field, this course will help you to get familiar with different types of hardware, how to connect them together and how to program them using AVR microcontrollers and create several commercial projects for example. So that you can gain the necessary skills and experience. It should be noted that the most basic topics of digital electronics are the topics of learning AVR microcontrollers.


What you will learn in the AVR microcontrollers: C language, electronic devices course:

  • AVR microcontrollers: I/O pins, PWM, ADC, EEPROM, timers, etc.
  • Introduction of microcontroller structure and familiarity with programming
  • Basics of C programming language for working with AVR
  • Commercial projects using AVR microcontroller
  • LED, keyboard,  LCD screen, and seven segment displays
  • Analog to digital conversion
  • Timer and counter
  • Wireless devices controlled by AVR

AVR microcontrollers: C language, electronic devices course specifications:

Publisher:  Udemy
Instructor: Oleksandr Aleshchenko
Language: English
Education level: Beginner
Number of lessons: 115
Duration of training: 9 hours and 32 minutes

Course topics AVR microcontrollers: C language, electronic devices :

AVR microcontrollers


Course prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of electronics, basic C language


AVR microcontrollers

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