Udemy - Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) From Ground Up ™ 2020
Bluetooth Low Energy

Udemy – Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) From Ground Up ™ 2020


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) From Ground Up ™ A training course on implementing and working with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in microcontrollers and embedded systems (Embedded systems) published by Udemi Academy. BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy and is a group of low-power Bluetooth devices that are equipped with Sleep capability.

Bluetooth usually consumes a lot of power and is problematic in systems with limited battery or energy, but BLE Bluetooth is able to reduce power consumption based on the user’s usage volume and save energy temporarily. These Bluetooth devices are used in various personal and industrial devices and can easily communicate with other smart devices and mobile phones.

In this course, you will learn about very important and sensitive issues such as Bluetooth protocol, methods of organizing information when communicating with Bluetooth, advantages, and limitations of BLE, and…

What you will learn in the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) From Ground Up دوره course:

  • Build BLE firmware
  • Applications and uses of BLE
  • Build dedicated services and devices with BLE
  • Methods of organizing information in the BLE protocol
  • Send and receive sensor information among various industrial devices using BLE
  • Build embedded systems and establish communication protocols between these systems with BLE

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemi
Instructor: Israel Gbati and BHM Engineering Academy
Language: English
Education Level: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 64
Training Duration: 9 hours and 57 minutes

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Course topics


Bluetooth Low Energy

Prerequisites for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) From Ground Up

No prior knowledge is required. I will teach you everything from scratch.



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Bluetooth Low Energy

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