Udemy - Complete Android 11 Jetpack Masterclass 2021-2
Android 11 Jetpack

Udemy – Complete Android 11 Jetpack Masterclass 2021-2


Complete Android 11 Jetpack Masterclass is a training course to become a Senior Android developer by learning Jetpack Suite using ROOM, Palette, MVVM, Retrofit, Navigation, WorkMgr. In this course, you will learn how to use the Android Jetpack suite. With the help of this course, not only will you learn the new features of Android, but you can also make sure that the code you have written is up-to-date, tidy, and written using the best methods.

In this course, we will create a favorite food database application that uses an API to get the name of the food randomly and then can store the relevant data using the Room database. During this course, you will discover complex concepts step by step in various examples, which will help you understand these concepts and apply these technologies in your application.

What you will learn in the Complete Android 11 Jetpack Masterclass course:

  • Android Jetpack suite
  • ViewBinding and Animation (Splash Screen)
  • MVVM (Model View ViewModel)
  • Access
  • Glide
  • ROOM database and CRUD operations
  • LiveData, Lifecycles, and ViewModels
  • Navigation components, navigation graph, and Safe Args
  • Android Palette
  • Retrofit and RxJava
  • WorkManager, subscriptions, and notifications

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Denis Panjuta and Tutorials.EU by Denis Panjuta
Language: English
Level: Average
Lessons: 99
Duration: 16 hours and 10 minutes

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Course topics on 2021/7:

Android 11 Jetpack


Prerequisites for Complete Android 11 Jetpack Masterclass:

at least 3-6 months of experience with Android Development



Android 11 Jetpack

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