Udemy - Complete Blazor (WASM & Server) and ASP.NET API Development 2021
Complete Blazor

Udemy – Complete Blazor (WASM & Server) and ASP.NET API Development 2021


Complete Blazor (WASM & Server) and ASP.NET API Development is a training course on building a RESTful API in the ASP.NET framework and developing a client-side website with the Blazor framework, published by Udemi Academy.

In this training course, various topics such as Entity Framework, repository template, testing and initialization of RESTful API, user side development and construction of web application interface with Blazor framework, installation and operation of Visual Studio development environment (Visual Studio) ), Microsoft SQL Server database management system, etc.

will be introduced. At the end of this course, you will build a one-page web application with the Blazor framework. This application will connect to the server through an API and will receive the required data and information. During the development process of this application, you will learn the development of a user authentication system and create a communication bridge with API through JWT and you will learn valuable skills.

ASP.NET Core is a powerful cross-platform framework for the development of medium and enterprise web applications developed and supported by Microsoft.

ASP.NET Core built-in capabilities and subframes allow developers to design and develop their own custom APIs. After creating this API, you will use the Blazer framework, which is another Microsoft product, to develop the client-side of the application, and you will connect the API to the client. Microsoft .NET platform is one of the most reputable enterprises and office web application development platforms and has been used by many reputable and international companies.

Applications developed with .NET are fully scalable and reliable, and in the long run, will meet the needs and challenges of different companies and organizations.

What you will learn in Complete Blazor (WASM & Server) and ASP.NET API Development:

  • C # Programming Principles (C #)
  • Build user interface and develop client-side of websites with Blazor framework
  • Server and client-side development of the website in C # language and based on Blazer and ASP.NET Core frameworks
  • Build reusable and professional components in the Blazer framework
  • Develop and program zero to one hundred APIs using .NET Core
  • Client-side programming with Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly
  • Design and development of RESTful API
  • Repository pattern and dependency injection (Dependency Injection)
  • Use AutoMapper and DTO
  • Interact and retrieve data from the database using the Entity Framework Core
  • Work with NuGet package manager
  • Project management and various software versions using the GitHub online service
  • Asynchronous Programming

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Course specifications

Publisher: Udemi
Instructor: Trevoir Williams
Language: English
Education Level: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 145
Training Duration: 28 hours and 35 minutes

Course topics on 2022/1


Complete Blazor

Prerequisites for Complete Blazor (WASM & Server) and ASP.NET API Development

A computer

The Internet

A Willingness to Learn

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Complete Blazor

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