Udemy - CORE KOREAN 2: Reinforce your Korean Language Foundations 2018

Udemy – CORE KOREAN 2: Reinforce your Korean Language Foundations 2018


CORE KOREAN 2: Reinforce your Korean Language Foundations is a Korean language-based grammar training course published by Udemi Academy. Learning pattern-based and grammatical Korean is one of the most effective approaches to teaching and practicing this difficult language, which can improve your reading and speaking skills in the long run.

At the end of this course, the learner is expected to become familiar with commonly used Korean phrases and expressions and to make simple yet meaningful sentences with their limited lexical knowledge. In this training course, you will get acquainted with more than 1300 different terms and grammatical structures and you will use them in the form of 86 purposeful exercises. If you learn and master the skills taught in this training course, you can step from beginner to intermediate level and completely change your learning process.

What you will learn in CORE KOREAN 2: Reinforce your Korean Language Foundations:

  • Korean grammar and grammatical structures
  • Commonly used idioms and sentences in Korean
  • Sentencing and expressing mental ideas in the form of sentences using limited lexical knowledge
  • Familiarity with the differences and unique features of the Korean language
  • Sentence structure and verb conjugation in Korean
  • 1300 commonly used terms and sentences in the Korean language and their expression in different modes
  • Common and common Korean vocabulary

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Course specifications

Publisher: Udemi
Instructor: Daniel Lin and Sookie Jung
Language: English
Education Level: Basic
Number of Courses: 99
Duration: 18 hours and 28 minutes

Course topics



CORE KOREAN 2 Course Prerequisites

You should be able to read the Korean alphabet to some degree

Some privacy to practice speaking aloud

CORE KOREAN 2 Course pictures



Installation guide

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