Udemy - Cypress: Web Automation Testing from Zero to Hero 2021
Web Automation

Udemy – Cypress: Web Automation Testing from Zero to Hero 2021


Cypress – Web Automation Testing from Zero to Hero, is a comprehensive and complete Cypress framework training course. Cypress is a powerful JavaScript-based framework that allows you to quickly and easily test websites and web applications. This framework provides you with everything you need, such as a tester, verification libraries, reporting, and more.

Even if you are not familiar with JavaScript, you can use this framework because it has its own unique commands and you only need to learn how to use these commands, all of which in this tutorial package will give you all Will be trained. Unlike many other frameworks, Cypress also has the ability to communicate and test APIs.

One of the good features of this course is that it starts at zero. Even if you are not familiar with website testing and related frameworks, have not worked with JavaScript, or even do not know what API is, there is no problem, this tutorial will explain everything to you from the beginning and step by step with the functions and You will learn how to test them.

The topic of Page Objects is also covered in this tutorial. If you want to test in high comparisons like 200 or 300 tests, you will need to master Page Objects to repair and reuse your code. More advanced topics such as environment variables, the use of multiple callers, the retest plugin in Cypress, and testing in Docker are other topics covered in this tutorial.

What do you learn:

  • Installation of the Cypress framework
  • How to interact and automate different parts of the web
  • Classify and reuse code using Page Object
  • Build a locator for web elements using jQuery
  • API definition, application, usage, and testing
  • Set up multiple personalized reporters

This training is suitable for people who:

  • Quality control engineers in the field of web development who want to use a framework to automate the testing process
  • Automation engineers who want to use Cypress instead of Selenium
  • Developers who want to learn Cypress quickly
  • People who are familiar with Cypress but are beginners

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Cypress Profile: Web Automation Testing from Zero to Hero :

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Artem Bondar
  • English language
  • Level of training: from basic to advanced
  • Number of courses: 44
  • Duration: 8 hours and 42 minutes

Chapters on 2021/11


Web Automation


  • No prerequisites are required. Some experience with Selenium or JavaScript will be a plus but not necessary



Web Automation

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Version 2020/10 has increased by 3 lessons and 13 minutes compared to 2020/7. Subtitle added.

Version 2021/4 has increased by 1 lesson and duration of 15 minutes compared to 2020/10.

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