Udemy - Discord Clone - Learn MERN Stack with WebRTC and SocketIO 2022-1
Discord Clone

Udemy – Discord Clone – Learn MERN Stack with WebRTC and SocketIO 2022-1


Discord Clone – Learn MERN Stack with WebRTC and SocketIO is a full MERN Stack and SocketIO library development course published by Udemy Academy. This training course is completely project-oriented and along with theoretical issues, you will design and develop a video chat application similar to Discord. This application is equipped with many features, including group video calling, and can be included in your portfolio.

Using WebRTC technology, it is possible to communicate peer-to-peer and at the same time with other users, and in this training course, you will learn how to implement and configure it. SocketIO is another powerful library based on the JavaScript programming language that can provide instant and two-way communication between server and user.

The introduced technology is not only used in instant video communication but can also be used in the development of computer games. MERN Stack is a full web stack development approach that consists of four technologies: NodeJS, Express Framework, React User Development Framework, and MongoDB Database Management System. This approach, along with WebRTC and SocketIO, allows the development of real-time and real-time applications.

What you will learn in the Discord Clone – Learn MERN Stack with WebRTC and SocketIO course:

  • MERN Stack full-stack development
  • Develop and implement video chat capability simultaneously with SocketIO library and WebRTC technology
  • Development of instant and two-way communication systems on the web
  • Add the ability to register and login and logout to the application
  • Initial configuration of the database and storage of information in it
  • Add group video calling feature
  • Application client-side development with React framework
  • Application server-side development with Express Framework and Node GS

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Discord Clone Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Marek Gryszkiewicz
Language: English
Education Level: Basic
Number of Courses: 185
Duration: 19 hours and 27 minutes

Discord Clone Course topics


Discord Clone

Discord Clone Course Prerequisites




Course requirements:
Basic knowledge of React
Basics about Node
Would be great to have some knowledge about WebSockets (SocketIO). It is not required but would definitely be easier to understand the part with chat and video chat functionality.

Course pictures


Discord Clone

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