Udemy – Docker and Kubernetes – The Complete Developers Guide 2022
Docker and Kubernetes

Udemy – Docker and Kubernetes – The Complete Developers Guide 2022


Docker and Kubernetes – The Complete Developers Guide is a Docker and Kubernetes training course for developers and programmers published by Yodemy educational website. This training course is one of the most complete training sets published for Docker and Kubernetes, and during the training process, very important topics such as Docker Compose, container management, and web application implementation on Amazon web servers using CI/CD Pipeline are covered. Will be raised.

This training course covers related skills from zero to one hundred and will introduce you to the depth of the potential and functions of Docker and Kubernetes. During the educational process of the course, you will come across a set of practical examples, diagrams, and charts, each of which has a lot of educational and scientific value.

This training course will offer you a total of five different projects, each with unique training tips. These projects are arranged from simple to difficult, and in the last project, you will be tasked to place an application based on microservices architecture on Amazon web services.

What you will learn in the Docker and Kubernetes – The Complete Developers Guide course:

  • Containerize a multi-component and multi-part application
  • Building and implementing a CI/CD pipeline on Amazon web services
  • Differences between different Kubernetes objects
  • The best time to use Docker and Kubernetes
  • Building Docker images and running Docker containers
  • Building multi-component applications with docker-compose
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Laith Harb
Language: English
Education level: Introductory
Number of lessons: 137
Duration of training: 12 hours and 39 minutes

Course headings

Docker and Kubernetes


Course prerequisites

Familiarity with any programming language

Course images

Docker and Kubernetes

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