Udemy - Dynamic Programming Algorithms Master Course (2022)
Dynamic Programming Algorithms

Udemy – Dynamic Programming Algorithms Master Course (2022)


Dynamic Programming Algorithms Master Course (2022) is a training program in dynamic algorithms and programming published by Udemy Academy. This course is recommended for those applicants who intend to participate in professional programming competitions or are about to participate in an interview or job test, and very important topics such as dynamic programming, recursion, recursive method ( Backtracking), and…

are included. Competitive programming is an emerging competition in the field of programming and software development, and various companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Goldman Sex, and… hold competitions every year and sponsor successful programmers. These competitions are held only to attract smart and professional people in the field of programming and can be participated in every year.

Dynamic programming is an algorithm-based programming and software development approach that is used to solve a set of programming challenges that have two characteristics. The first feature of this category of challenges is that it is multi-part, which means that a challenge can be subdivided into a complete and unique challenge. The second feature of these challenges lies beneath their challenges, meaning that the solution and algorithm of some of the challenges are profoundly similar and in many cases, exactly the same as the algorithm, and part of the code must be saved for the future.

What you will learn in the Dynamic Programming Algorithms Master Course (2022):

  • Improve problem-solving skills using algorithms and dynamic programming
  • Divide and categorize challenges and problems and identify challenges-solvable features with dynamic programming
  • Advanced dynamic programming techniques
  • Frequently asked questions and topics in exams and job interviews

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Course specifications

Publisher: Udemt
Instructor: Apaar Kamal, Prateek Narang, and Coding Minutes
Language: English
Level: Advanced to Advanced
Number of Courses: 243
Duration: 44 hours and 25 minutes

Dynamic Programming Algorithms Course topics


Dynamic Programming Algorithms

Dynamic Programming Algorithms Master Course Prerequisites (2022)

Basic understanding of algorithms

Ability to write/understand code in a programming language

Familiarity with Arrays, 2D Arrays, Data Structures

Dynamic Programming Algorithms Course pictures

Dynamic Programming Algorithms


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