Udemy - Electrical Control & Protection Systems 2019
Electrical Control

Udemy – Electrical Control & Protection Systems 2019


Electrical Control & Protection Systems is a training course on electrical control and power system protection systems published by Udemy Academy. Electrical control and power system protection systems are among the most important components of power substations and power plants that are present in almost all distribution and transmission systems.

This training course is the first part of a five-part series that includes all topics related to electrical control and power system protection systems. During the course of this training course, you will become familiar with the basics of all these complex systems and you will gain valuable skills in the theoretical areas related to them.

At the end of this course, the student is expected to identify the important and key components of electrical control systems and power system protection systems and become familiar with their function and importance.

What you will learn in the Electrical Control & Protection Systems course:

  • The main components and various functions of power system protection systems
  • Familiarity with the appearance and different parts of protection systems
  • Familiarity and differentiation of primary, secondary, and control equipment
  • Overcurrent relay function
  • Ground fault relay operation
  • Equipping the protection panel and getting acquainted with the main and secondary equipment and parts
  • Work with phased displays to display and explain the elements and components of three-phase power
  • And …

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Stephen Brooks
Language: English
Education Level: Introductory
Number of Courses: 14
Training Duration: 2 hours and 41 minutes

Course topics on 2020/8

Electrical Control


Course Prerequisites

The basic electrical principles
A basic understanding of electrical engineering
Have a calculator

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Electrical Control

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