Udemy – English Language Intermediate Masterclass: 10 Courses in 1

Intermediate Masterclass
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English Language Intermediate Masterclass is the name of a video learning package for learning English. This video course, which teaches you English at an intermediate level, can greatly improve your language learning skills. In this course you will practice different grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills. This course ensures that you will feel a significant improvement in your English language skills after completing this course.

You will also improve your listening, reading, writing, and reading skills. Also, in this course, there will be no news of complexity and all the contents will be taught to you in a simple and understandable language. On the other hand, by watching this course, you will learn English in a way that you will not forget it anymore. Therefore, there are various exercises for students in this course that you will learn English well by doing them.

Features of English Language Intermediate Masterclass

  • You will improve your grammar at an intermediate level
  • You will add more than 400 useful words to your encyclopedia
  • You will do various exercises to strengthen your listening and speaking skills
  • You will improve your writing skills in a special way
  • And…

Course details:

  • Duration: 12h 35m
  • English language
  • Number of chapters: 11
  • Number of courses: 144
  • Instructor: Gabriel Wallace

English Language Intermediate Masterclass

Prerequisites English Language Intermediate Masterclass

  • You must be an Intermediate English Language Learner.
  • In some activities, you may need a pencil and paper.
  • To do the optional projects, you may need the internet, social media, or other tools.

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User Guide and Tips

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English subtitle

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