Flutter 3 – Firebase Multi-store App

Udemy – Flutter 3 – Firebase Multi-store App (Full – Deep)

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Flutter 3 – Firebase Multi-store App (Full – Deep) is the name of the Flutter programming course published by Udemy Academy. Today we live in the age of e-commerce applications where we can sell and buy anywhere in the world. Along with the passage of new technologies every day, that’s why this course was created. Building these types of applications can be the easiest way to develop your programming skills as well as your way of thinking. Taking this course will take you to another level of skills and thinking. Therefore, this course is a good opportunity to dream of your next design and take it to a professional level.

What you will learn in Flutter 3 – Firebase Multi-store App (Full – Deep) course:

  • How to use flutter widgets and benefit from the most benefits of each widget
  • How to create a new Firebase project and install it on iOS and Android.
  • How to allow users to authenticate with your app.
  • How to allow suppliers to upload products to their stores or to the app in general
  • How to stream data from Firebase Cloud back into your app and organize it into pages and categories
  • How to let customers add items to cart and help them place orders
  • How to make your application smart and handle the input data we receive from users
  • How to integrate your Stripe payment account and link it to your app to receive payments
  • How to add animations to your design

Flutter 3 – Firebase Multi-store App Course details

Publisher:  Udemy
Instructor:  Salah shams
Language: English
Level of training: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 149
Duration of training: 24 hours and 13 minutes

Flutter 3 – Firebase Multi-store App Course headings

Flutter 3 – Firebase Multi-store App


Course prerequisites

Computer, internet and little previous knowledge about flutter and dart

Course images


Flutter 3 – Firebase Multi-store App

Installation guide

After Extract, view with your favorite Player.

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Quality: 720p

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