Udemy – FPGA Embedded Design, Part 1 – Verilog 2020
FPGA Embedded Design

Udemy – FPGA Embedded Design, Part 1 – Verilog 2020


FPGA Embedded Design, Part 1 is one of the series of FPGA Embedded Design and Verilog courses published on Udemy Academy. FPGA is an integrated circuit that will behave like the logic circuit you want and it is the way to inform FPGA about the intended behavior of programming. You will do this in this course using Verilog, a very popular hardware description language. This course tries to teach you Verilog and how to design digital systems with this powerful language. You will also learn about HDL’s other purposes, such as system design, simulation, working with traditional chips, and replacing popular ones like FPGAs.

If you are interested in learning FPGA or one of the developers and programmers of Arduino and you want to take the next step in your learning on embedded systems, this course will be right for you. Also, if you are a hardware engineer who wants to learn about the exciting field of FPGA design, this course will suit you, but if you have experience working with FPGA or are an expert, the later parts of this course are more suitable for you and this course will not be suitable for you. .

What you will learn in the FPGA Embedded Design, Part 1 course:

  • Design hardware behavior with Verilog hardware description language
  • Simulation of Verilog modules
  • Create design from simulation to build and use your Soft Processor
  • An introduction to learning System Verilog. However, this course is not for learning System Verilog.
  • And …

Specifications of the FPGA Embedded Design course, Part 1:

Publisher:  Udemy
Instructor:  Eduardo Corpeño , Marissa Siliezar
Language: English
Level of education: Introductory
Number of lessons: 74
Duration of training: 3 hours 30 minutes

Headlines of the FPGA Embedded Design course, Part 1 :

FPGA Embedded Design


Course prerequisites:

  • Basic programming knowledge sometimes helps, but the case of no programming experience can be an advantage since you will learn something other than traditional sequential programming.
  • Although a refresher is provided in this course, some basic digital electronics knowledge always helps. Not necessarily advanced stuff, just the basics: Logic gates, maybe flip flops, counters, tristate buffers, etc.
  • Ultimately, an FPGA development board will come in handy to build and test your projects. We’ll use it starting at the second course in the series.


FPGA Embedded Design

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