Udemy - Full Stack: Angular and Spring Boot 2021-1
Angular and Spring Boot

Udemy – Full Stack: Angular and Spring Boot 2021-1


Full Stack: Angular and Spring Boot is a training course from the Udemy site that teaches you how to build a Full Stack application using the Angular and Spring Boot frameworks. Angular is a web-based software framework led by the Angular team at Google, and Spring Boot is a Java-based open source framework used to build microservices. These two frameworks are one of the most popular technologies of the day for the development of Full Stack applications.

This training course will help you to quickly get acquainted with the Angular and Spring Boot frameworks and learn the practical concepts for building a complete application with the help of these two frameworks from the beginning. By learning the contents of this course, you can be employed in large software companies or produce several applications independently. During this course, we use modern tools such as IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code, Maven and npm, and we learn to work with these tools well.

Things to be taught in this course:

  • Build a Full Stack application
  • Front end design with Angular and back end with Spring Boot
  • Learn content from beginner to professional level
  • Start coding from scratch and build professional projects
  • Work with tools like IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code, Maven and npm

Full Stack course specifications: Angular and Spring Boot:

  • English language
  • Duration: 18 hours 58 minutes
  • Number of courses: 241
  • Level of education: Intermediate
  • Instructor: Chad Darby, Harinath Kuntamukkala
  • File format: mp4

Course topics

Course prerequisites

  • Spring Boot experience is required.
  • No experience required for Angular. I will teach you Angular from the beginning.

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Installation guide

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English subtitle

Quality: 720p


The version of 5/27/2020 has increased by 8 lessons and about 45 minutes compared to 2020/5. The subtitle was also in English.

Version 2020/6 has increased by 6 lessons and about half an hour compared to 5/27/2020.

Version 2020/7 has increased by 13 lessons and about 1 hour compared to 2020/6.

Version 2020/9 has increased by 9 lessons and about 45 minutes compared to 2020/7.

The 2020/10 version has increased by 9 lessons and about 40 minutes compared to the 2020/9.

Version 2020/12 has increased by 23 lessons and about 2 hours compared to 2020/10.

The version of 12/6/20 has increased by 3 lessons and 10 minutes compared to 12/20/2020. The subtitle has also been modified.

Version 2021/1 has increased by 20 lessons and about 1.5 hours compared to 12/6/2020.

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