Udemy – Full Stack Go Programming (Golang) from Beginner to Advanced 2021
Full Stack Go Programming

Udemy – Full Stack Go Programming (Golang) from Beginner to Advanced 2021


Full Stack Go Programming (Golang) from Beginner to Advanced is a full stack programming course with Go programming language published by Udemy Academy. This training course covers all introductory to advanced topics, among the most important of which are Goroutines, channels, setting up and managing MySQL databases, GORM library, JSON, buffer protocol, gRPC, RESTful API, web sockets (WebSocket), and…

mentioned. In this training course, in addition to the principles and capabilities of the Go programming language, other important topics such as correct development and programming approaches and troubleshooting methods of Go programs will also be discussed.

All the features and tools available in this powerful language have been reviewed in a completely in-depth and project-oriented manner, and you will get to know the exact use of each one and its way of working behind the scenes.

What you will learn in the Full Stack Go Programming (Golang) from Beginner to Advance training course:

  • Basic principles of Go programming language
  • Making programs based on the Go language
  • Optimal and standard approaches in development and programming in the Go language
  • Syntax and writing rules of Go programming language
  • Skills needed for programming such as problem-solving and mental calculations
  • Development and construction of a terminal-based application with Go language
  • Development and construction of a professional web application with Go language
  • Designing and building server-side and client-side applications with Go programming language
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Jaber Zanjani and Hamidreza Mirzaagha
Language: English
Education level: Introductory to advanced
Number of lessons: 231
Duration of education: 24 hours and 45 minutes

Full Stack Go Programming Course headings


Full Stack Go Programming

Full Stack Go Programming Course prerequisites

No need to pre-programming knowledge
Computer – All operating systems are supported. Setup and installation instructions are included for each platform.

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Full Stack Go Programming

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