Udemy - Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp 2021
Web Development

Udemy – Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp 2021


Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp is a full-stack web-based programming and development training course published by Udemi Academy. To become a successful full-stack programmer, you must be proficient in a range of available programming languages, frameworks, and technologies, and be able to switch between different tools based on project prerequisites.

In this course, you will be introduced to various technologies and tools such as JavaScript and Python programming languages, React client-side framework, Docker container management system, Flask, Bootstrap, GateHub, Postman, and… And you will gain valuable skills. This training course is completely project-oriented and from the very beginning of the training course, you will apply all the topics and technologies taught in a completely practical way.

You will use React and Flask frameworks for client and server-side development and programming, respectively.

What you will learn in the Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp course:

  • Initial implementation and installation of a React application with create-react-app
  • Build various components in React framework
  • Work with useEffect and useState hooks
  • Setting favicon.ico
  • Creating a website logo in svg format
  • Submit API request
  • Work with props and state in react components
  • Build single-page applications with React
  • Working with the database and retrieving information from it
  • Different methods of building and calling APIs
  • Use of Python internal and external modules
  • Build a Python virtual environment with pipenv
  • Build routes and routing in Flask applications
  • Work with various tools such as Visual Studio Code Editor, GateHub version management system, and API testing with Postman

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Course specifications

Publisher: Udemi
Instructor: Bogdan Stashchuk
Language: English
Education Level: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 392
Training Duration: 30 hours and 23 minutes

Web Development Course topics on 2021/12


Web Development

Prerequisites for the Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp course

Basic software development knowledge

Basic programming skills

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Web Development

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