Udemy – Fundamentals of Database Engineering 2022
Fundamentals of Database Engineering

Udemy – Fundamentals of Database Engineering 2022


Fundamentals of Database Engineering is a training course on ACID, Indexing, Partitioning, Sharding, Concurrency control, Replication, DB Engines, and the best solutions for database engineering. Database engineering is one of the most interesting parts of software engineering. In this course, we will not only teach you SQL and programming languages but also teach you skills and patterns that you can use in database engineering.

The database engine or storage engine or embedded databases is a software library that a database management software uses to store information on a disk and perform CRUD, which will be described in this course.

What you will learn in the Fundamentals of Database Engineering course:

  • Learn and understand the features of ACID
  • Database indexing
  • Database partitioning
  • Replication and copying in the database
  • Database sharding
  • Database markers
  • Concurrency control (optimistic and pessimistic)
  • Database system designs
  • Differences between database management systems, database engines, and embedded databases
  • Database engines such as MyISAM, InnoDB, RocksDB, LevelDB
  • Advantages of using one database engine over another
  • Database engine switching using MySQL
  • Database Security
  • Identical encryption

Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Hussein Nasser
Language: English
Education level: Intermediate
Number of courses: 137
Duration: 21 hours and 24 minutes

Introduction to Database Engineering course topics in 2022/7:

Fundamentals of Database Engineering


Fundamentals of Database Engineering Course prerequisites:

Have worked with databases before but wish to get a deeper understanding
Basic understanding of database systems

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Fundamentals of Database Engineering

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The previous name of the course was Introduction to Database Engineering.


The 2022/1 version has increased the number of 44 lessons and the duration of 6 hours and 22 minutes compared to 2021/2.

Version 2022/5 has increased the number of 6 lessons and the duration of 1 hour compared to 2022/1.

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