Udemy - German B1 - 100% German (with English subtitles)
German B1

Udemy – German B1 – 100% German (with English subtitles)


German B1 – 100% German (with English subtitles), is a German grammar course taught by a native and experienced instructor. This course begins with an introduction to the easier parts of German B1 grammar and moves on to other topics step by step. In addition to 37 grammar lessons, this course also includes lessons in German idioms. The purpose of preparing this course, in addition to learning the grammar of B1, is to learn German culture with the help of idioms and quotes, to learn valuable tricks for learning German more effectively, and to learn the B1 dictionary.

The grammar content of this course includes the following topics:

Futur I | Models | the word “sample” | als ob | double connectors | Genitive Demonstrative pronouns Genitive Possessivartikel | Adjective declination in the genitive | Genitive Prepositions | Conjunctions | Worth image | Adjective denomination in Comparative / Superlative | Partizip I als Adjective | Partizip II as Adjective | Präteritum | local Prepositions | N-Declination | Adjective as Nomen | the word “es” | Infinitives | Plusquamperfect | indem & sodass | bevor, während, nachdem | Conjunctive II – Wunschsätze | the word “brauchen” | Relatives | finale Nebensätze | Relative to the Prepositions | Passive with Presence with Modalverben | Organ passive in Perfect | Vorgangspassiv im Präteritum

What you will learn in German B1 – 100% German (with English subtitles):

  • German B1 level grammar
  • Words related to level B1
  • Preparing for the B1 Listing Test

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Julia Krist
Language: English
Level: Average
Lessons: 51
Duration: 5 hours and 53 minutes

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Course topics:


German B1

German B1 course prerequisites – 100% German (with English subtitles):

A1 and A2 Level of German language



German B1

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