Udemy – JavaScript Dynamic Web Pages AJAX 30 Projects APIs JSON 2021

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JavaScript Dynamic Web Pages AJAX 30 Projects APIs JSON is the name of the training course on creating dynamic web pages with JavaScript and AJAX. In this course, 20 real projects will be done as exercises. This course is published by Udemy Academy.

Complete JavaScript Coding Course Build your own JavaScript projects with vanilla JavaScript and DOM interaction.

This course includes the following:

  • 23.5+ hours of premium downloadable workbook lessons
  • 129 guide pages, source code, tips, resources and challenges

One of the most frequently asked questions in Java is how to use AJAX to request a server and return JSON data for output to a web page. Here is the most requested course content with over 30 projects to build your skills with AJAX and JavaScript DOM manipulation.

This is a unique course built with modern JavaScript content, coding examples and challenges in almost every lesson!!! Also includes 100+ PDF pages of AJAX JavaScript manual. Ideal for doing more than 30 days or faster. Fun unique projects that will surprise you and help you learn the skills of updating with AJAX. Explore how you can create dynamic and interactive web content with data loaded from an API. Please note that this is a quick tutorial with prerequisites – it shows how to use and deploy JavaScript to connect to various endpoints, request and return data in JSON format, demonstrated in fun interactive projects to give Prior coding experience is required as lessons focus on using essential JavaScript functions to create interactions and dynamic content.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Modern web designers and web developers anyone who wants to learn
  • How to load JSON data and apply the content to your web pages
  • Anyone who wants to practice and learn more about AJAX requests via JavaScript
  • JavaScript programmers who want to learn more about AJAX
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about JavaScript Fetch and modern query methods

What you will get in the JavaScript Dynamic Web Pages AJAX 30 Projects APIs JSON course:

  • How to connect to web APIs Make AJAX requests with JavaScript
  • Using JavaScript to create data-driven web content
  • Create interactive web content generated from JSON data
  • JSON data and how to use JSON as JavaScript objects in code
  • Create dynamic data-driven web applications with JavaScript
  • Update parts of a web page, without reloading the entire page
  • Create user-friendly interactive web applications
  • Boost the performance of your web pages
  • How to create responsive user interfaces
  • Modern JavaScript programming for handling and using JSON data in web pages

JavaScript Dynamic Web Pages AJAX Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Laurence Svekis
Language: English
Education level: Introductory
Number of lessons: 107
Duration of training: 21 hours and 35 minutes

Headlines of the JavaScript Dynamic Web Pages AJAX 30 Projects APIs JSON course on 8/2022:

JavaScript Dynamic Web Pages AJAX


JavaScript Dynamic Web Pages AJAX Course prerequisites:

  • Basics of Coding JavaScript
  • Use of Web Editor
  • Prior Coding Experience

JavaScript Dynamic Web Pages AJAX Course pictures:

JavaScript Dynamic Web Pages AJAX

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