Udemy – Let's Build a Go version of Laravel 2021
Go version of Laravel

Udemy – Let’s Build a Go version of Laravel 2021


Let’s Build a Go version of Laravel is a training course to build a framework similar to Laravel with the Go programming language, published by Udemy Educational Academy. During this course, you will develop a reusable programming module and a command-line application with Go programming language and use them to quickly and easily build and launch various web applications.

The final function of this module is very similar to the Laravel framework, and it will be on the same level in terms of safety. Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks based on the PHP language, which is very popular among PHP developers and web developers in general for various reasons such as ease of use, high security, and automatic and automated performance of many repetitive tasks.

Go programming language is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages ​​in the world, which has been used many times in various companies such as Netflix, American Express, etc. One of the most important features of this programming language is its very high speed and type safety. This language is used in a completely specialized and personalized way for all kinds of web projects and its main platform is the web.

What you will learn in the Let’s Build a Go version of Laravel training course:

  • Creating reusable packages in the Go programming language
  • Integrating and working with different databases simultaneously in Go applications
  • Designing and building from zero to one hundred authentication systems and user access level management with Go
  • Creating a caching system with Go and Redis
  • Build a dedicated command-line tool
  • Automating the database transfer process
  • Unit testing or unit testing of Go applications
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Trevor Sawler
Language: English
Level of education: Intermediate
Number of lessons: 127
Duration of training: 19 hours and 20 minutes

Go version of Laravel Course topics on 4/2022

Go version of Laravel


Prerequisites of the Let’s Build a Go version of Laravel course

Some experience with Go, SQL and HTML is essential

Course images


Go version of Laravel

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