Udemy - Linear Algebra and Geometry 2 2021
Linear Algebra and Geometry

Udemy – Linear Algebra and Geometry 2 2021


Linear Algebra and Geometry 2 is the second part of the Geometry and Linear Algebra training series published by Udemy Academy. This part, like the first part, is divided into four completely separate parts, which are single space and other related topics, linear transformations, orthogonality, and special analysis of a matrix, respectively.

Among the most important educational topics of this course are vector space and subspaces, linear combination, linear independence, coordinate system, base, dimension, base change, linear space. , Columnar space, zero matrix, conversion matrix, conversion matrix properties, Gram-Schmidt Process algorithm, orthogonal matrix, and… pointed out.

What you will learn in Linear Algebra and Geometry 2:

  • Visual and step-by-step solution of 153 problems and challenges in the fields of geometry and linear algebra
  • Important topics related to vector space such as base (Basis), dimension (Dimension), base change, and…
  • Linear combination
  • Linear independence
  • Recalculate coordinates from one base to another
  • Stochastic matrix
  • the system of equations
  • Row space and column space
  • Isometry concept
  • One orthogonal base
  • Gram-Schmidt Process algorithm
  • Calculate Eigenvalues ​​and Eigenvectors
  • Diagonalizable matrix
  • Invertible matrix

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Hania Uscka-Wehlou and Martin Wehlou
Language: English
Level: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 214
Duration: 46 hours and 46 minutes

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Course topics on 2022/2


Linear Algebra and Geometry

Prerequisites for Linear Algebra and Geometry 2

Linear Algebra and Geometry 1 (systems of equations, matrices and determinants, vectors and their products, analytic geometry of lines and planes)

High-school and college mathematics (mainly arithmetic, some trigonometry, polynomials)

Some basic calculus (used in some examples)

Basic knowledge of complex numbers (used in an example)

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Linear Algebra and Geometry

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