Udemy - Linux System Programming Techniques & Concepts 2021
Linux System Programming

Udemy – Linux System Programming Techniques & Concepts 2021


Linux System Programming Techniques & Concepts is a Linux Systems Programming training course published by Udemy Academy.

This course is for experienced Linux developers and will cover important topics such as building Linux programmable libraries, makefiles, memory management, C programming, and more. This course focuses on frequently asked topics in Linux-related job interviews and the C programming language and will prepare you for the job market.

This course is not recommended for beginners and it is recommended that you reinforce your background knowledge in thirty or one of the similar sub-languages ​​before starting the course. The behind-the-scenes logic of all C codes and programs will be discussed in this course, and you will be introduced to this powerful language in-depth.

What you will learn in the Linux System Programming Techniques & Concepts course:

  • Advanced C programming
  • Development and internalization of various C + C Plus language libraries
  • Automate the build process using Makefile
  • Use function pointers as function backs
  • Static and dynamic libraries and linking topics
  • GNU Compiler Collection
  • Organize programs and codes in the form of headers and source files
  • Memory management
  • Memory Leaks _
  • Memory paging

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Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Abhishek CSEPracticals, Shiwani Nigam, and Ekta Ekta
Language: English
Level: Average
Number of Courses: 153
Training Duration: 14 hours and 17 minutes

Linux System Programming Course topics


Linux System Programming

Prerequisites for the Linux System Programming Techniques & Concepts course

Basic knowledge of programming in C / C ++ is required

Zeal and enthusiasm to learn and sharpen the skills

Good to have basic OS knowledge but not mandatory

Linux System Programming Course pictures


Linux System Programming

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