Udemy – Machine Learning in JavaScript with TensorFlow.js 2021
Machine Learning in JavaScript

Udemy – Machine Learning in JavaScript with TensorFlow.js 2021


Machine Learning in JavaScript with TensorFlow.js is a training course on machine learning in applications based on the JavaScript programming language using the TensorFlow.js library, published by Udemy Academy. The TensorFlow.js library is one of the most popular JavaScript-based libraries and enables developers to use artificial intelligence and machine learning-based systems in web applications, websites, and node-based applications.

Use JS. This training course is completely practical and project-oriented and was designed by a group of JavaScript engineers and programmers who have a strong interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

TensorFlow.js offers you almost all the features and facilities of the TensorFlow Python-based library and uses the JavaScript programming language instead of Python. In this regard, TensorFlow.js is a very good option for JavaScript programmers and makes them largely unnecessary to learn the Python programming language.

What you will learn in the Machine Learning in JavaScript with TensorFlow.js training course:

  • Development of systems based on machine learning and artificial intelligence using JavaScript
  • Deep learning and basic concepts of artificial neural network development
  • TensorFlowJS version 3 and its many features and tools
  • Definition of different machine learning models
  • Installation, setup, and initial configuration of TensorFlowJS 3
  • Optimization of TensorFlowJS 3
  • Practice and training of different machine learning models
  • Initial data preparation and filtering for machine learning
  • Prediction of various phenomena using machine learning-based systems
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: tech.courses team and Justin Emery
Language: English
Education level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 75
Duration of training: 7 hours and 15 minutes

Machine Learning in JavaScript Course topics on 2/2022

Machine Learning in JavaScript


Prerequisites of the Machine Learning in JavaScript with TensorFlow.js course

Javascript basics
Some high school maths (but we give links if you need a refresher!)

Course images

Machine Learning in JavaScript

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