Udemy – Master Coding Interview: Data structures + Algorithms 2022
Master Coding Interview

Udemy – Master Coding Interview: Data structures + Algorithms 2022


Master Coding Interview: Data structures + Algorithms is a training course on algorithm writing and data structures for passing interviews and job tests published by Udemy Academy. This 36-hour training course covers almost all the most useful and important topics in job interviews and is a comprehensive and comprehensive course. The best way to deal with various questions in job interviews is summarized in three steps. In the first step, you should try to understand the question or challenge well and weigh its various aspects.

In the second step, you should propose a problem and divide the obtained problem into much smaller and more comprehensible parts. The third stage or the last stage is the most important part of the work and you should try to compare different solutions and answers with each other.

This training course has a specific 25-day program for teaching different topics. Every day you will face a unique challenge and problem that will somehow challenge your skills and creative thinking. By practicing and repeating the problem-solving process daily for 25 days, the quality and quantity of your work will gradually increase and you will be able to appear in the best possible way in job interviews. In the design of many of the issues raised in this training course, the questions and job tests that are asked in big companies such as Netflix and Microsoft have been inspired.

What you will learn in the Master Coding Interview: Data structures + Algorithms training course:

  • Common and repetitive data structures such as arrays, objects, hash tables, linked lists, binary trees, and graphs.
  • Frequently asked questions in job interviews of various companies such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.
  • Investigating and analyzing the temporal and spatial complexity of different algorithms
  • Practical logical topics to solve various challenges and issues
  • Implementation of various solutions in JavaScript programming language
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Jackson Kailath
Language: English
Education Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 254
Duration of Education: 36 hours and 7 minutes

Master Coding Interview Course headings

Master Coding Interview


Prerequisites of Master Coding Interview course: Data structures + Algorithms

Basic knowledge of Javascript or any other programming language (things like writing a loop, function etc.)

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Master Coding Interview

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