Udemy - Master React JS with 10 Hands-On Projects 2021

Udemy – Master React JS with 10 Hands-On Projects 2021


Master React JS with 10 Hands-On Projects is a training course from the Yodmi website with a focus on the React JavaScript framework, which teaches the important topics of this framework in a completely project-oriented manner and in the form of 10 practical projects. React JS is an open-source, component-based library for the JavaScript language used to build user interfaces for single-page applications.

JavaScript is a web programming language that can help developers create interactive and dynamic applications and websites. All modern websites and browsers support this programming language and JavaScript plays a very colorful role in the modern web world. Developing and editing the user interface of websites with the help of this framework is very simple and their troubleshooting process is done quickly.

React is a front-end library that runs in a browser environment. React and Angular are two of the most popular user-side libraries and are compatible with almost all server-side programming languages ​​such as PHP. With the help of this framework, web developers and designers are able to modify the contents and data of the web application without reloading the page and create flexible and responsive websites.

React developer community is very active and almost 220 thousand websites use this framework. Among the most important companies that use React to design and create their web pages are Apple, Netflix, and Paypal.

What you will learn in the Master React JS course with 10 Hands-On Projects:

  • React JS
  • React Hooks
  • JavaScript programming language
  • Build 10 application projects using React framework
  • Detailed knowledge of how the React JS framework works
  • And …

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemi
Instructor: K.Sathyaprakash Reddy
Language: English
Education Level: Basic
Number of Courses: 39
Training Duration: 6 hours and 12 minutes

Course topics on 2021/8


Master React JS

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React Basics

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Master React JS

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