Udemy - Mastering critical SKILLS in Algorithms using C ++: Part 2
Mastering critical SKILLS

Udemy – Mastering critical SKILLS in Algorithms using C ++: Part 2


Mastering critical SKILLS in Algorithms using C ++: Part 2 is a training course on algorithm writing and problem-solving in C ++ language, published by Udemy Academy. Among the most important topics of this course are return-based techniques, the shortest path finding algorithm, and the greedy algorithm. This course focuses entirely on the topics of algorithm writing and will analyze topics related to the analysis of their temporal and memory complexity.

During the educational process, the course will be coded in conjunction with the instructor and the logic behind each line of code will be explained in Shiva expression. At the end of the course, you will be provided with a set of purposeful exercises, training slides, and sample ready-made codes.

What you will learn in the Mastering critical SKILLS in Algorithms using C ++: Part 2 course:

  • Return-based techniques
  • Different algorithm writing techniques and solving different problems with these techniques
  • Frequently asked questions and questions related to algorithm writing and problem-solving in job interviews
  • Principles of clean and legible coding
  • Dynamic programming
  • And …

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: MostVision Org and Dr. Moustafa Saad Ibrahim
Language: English
Level of training: Basic to advanced
Number of courses: 23
Duration of training: 3 hours and 48 minutes

Course topics on 2022/5

Mastering critical SKILLS


Course Prerequisites

Strong programming background
Solved several practices during a programming course
STL, especially vector class. Others include: set, map, and hash table
Optional but recommended: Implement long programming projects
Highly recommended: Attended a strong data structure course first and solved a lot

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Mastering critical SKILLS

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