Udemy – Mastering the System Design Interview 2021
Mastering the System

Udemy – Mastering the System Design Interview 2021


Mastering the System Design Interview is a preparation course for participating in System Design job interviews and exams, published by Udemy Academy. Frank Kane is the instructor of this course, who has been designing various systems for more than 9 years in Amazon and IMDB companies, and at the same time has been in charge of interviewing and hiring new staff.

In this training course, you will look at the subject of job interviews from the perspective of a professional referee and interviewer, and you will learn valuable skills for accepting and passing them. This course is completely practical and in order to increase your chances of success, 6 artificial and fake interviews are included in the videos of the course, which will test the skills learned in the previous sections.

What you will learn in the Mastering the System Design Interview course:

  • Frequently Asked Questions and Topics in System Design Interviews
  • Apply horizontal scalability techniques to transactions, data storage, analytics, and databases
  • Select appropriate and optimal algorithms and data structures for various system design projects
  • Techniques for answering questions in job interviews
  • Asking the right questions in the system design process
  • Soft skills required to hold job positions in the field of system design

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Sundog Education by Frank Kane, Frank Kane, and Sundog Education Team
Language: English
Level: Average
Number of Courses: 69
Duration: 4 hours and 46 minutes

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Mastering the System Course topics on 2022/4


Mastering the System

Prerequisites for the Mastering the System Design Interview course

Some prior experience in system architecture and computer science is expected.

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Mastering the System

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