Udemy - MetaTrader 5 automated trading using Python TUTORIAL 2022
MetaTrader 5

Udemy – MetaTrader 5 automated trading using Python TUTORIAL 2022


MetaTrader 5 automated trading using Python TUTORIAL is a MetaTrader 5 training course and building a smart trading robot with Python programming language, published by Udemy Academy. This course covers a wide range of topics such as capital management and risk management, ‌ Principles of Python programming language and algorithm writing, Different financial markets including Forex, ‌ Crypto, and stock,  Different trading strategies and styles, and…

Will take. The process of automating transactions and building trading robots is a time-consuming and very long process and requires high expertise in the fields of technical analysis and statistical studies. The first step in the development of trading robots is to find sufficient, accurate, and up-to-date information from the financial market. Without accurate and reliable information, practically all your subsequent efforts will be in vain.

Ordering or order is another issue that should be considered after accessing information and building a robot. There are different strategies for ordering, but in all of these strategies, there is a common factor of loss and profit.

What you will learn in the MetaTrader 5 automated trading course using Python TUTORIAL:

  • Development of robots and intelligent trading algorithms using MetaTrader 5 and Python programming language
  • Implementing different ordering strategies and styles in MetaTrader 5
  • The basics of the Python programming language and its basics
  • Important and reliable sources for receiving accurate and up-to-date information from financial markets
  • Development of trading algorithms and types of existing algorithms
  • And …

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Lucas Inglese
Language: English
Level: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 83
Duration: 5 hours and 54 minutes

Course topics


MetaTrader 5

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MetaTrader 5

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