Udemy – Microservices Development Revolution with .Net5 and Dapr 2021
Microservices Development

Udemy – Microservices Development Revolution with .Net5 and Dapr 2021


Microservices Development Revolution with.Net5 and Dapr is the name of the microservices development course with .Net5 and Dapr were published by Udemy Academy. Welcome to the first DAPR training course in the world! Change the way you develop your microservices applications! The topics you will be familiar with at the end of this training course:

This course explains what separates a microservices architecture from a monolithic architecture.
This program teaches you what led Microsoft to move to Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime)
technology. It teaches you the components of Dapr technology. and what these components are useful for
This course will teach you how to install and/or update the Dapr library on your local machine This course will teach you how Dapr
relates to Docker
This The course will teach you what machine-side technology means and how it helps in developing microservices applications.

This course will teach you what the service call block (service discovery block) is used for and what methods Dapr makes available to implement that block in your projects.
It teaches you Dapr SDK for .NET library.

As a beginner, it teaches you how to build a simple microservice project where you learn how to use the service call building block in a project consisting of a front-end web and back-end webapi projects, whereby the service Discover the backend automatically.

It teaches you how the PubSub messaging building block helps you develop asynchronous communication microservices easily with Dapr sidecar technology without any plumbing code.

After teaching the basics, it enables you to learn how to design a fully functional distributed microservice business application that includes 4 microservices and the free facial recognition APIs of Azure Face Portal.
This program will teach you step-by-step how to start developing any microservice with the web interface and test the cooperation between microservices and the result at each step.

This will teach you how to get an authentication key from the Azure Face API portal and use it in your microservice to send a photo to the API and get the coordinates of the face image.

This will teach you how to set up docker containers for mssqlserver and maildev for email.
It teaches you how to code migrations using Entity Framework Core and create the database and its tables at design time.
It teaches how to run code migrations automatically during runtime.
It teaches you how to use third-party image processing libraries to crop face images from a photo according to face coordinates.

It teaches you to learn and use input and output connections from the Dapr library.
It teaches you how to use the Dapr Input Binding Block as a Cron job service to wake up a webapi end-point at regular intervals to perform a specified task.
It teaches you how to use the redis database as a key/value pair store as a Dapr Side car element known as an administrative building block.

It teaches you how to use redis as a messaging tool when using Dapr’s pub/sub building block.
Using Zipkin with Dapr, you will see the telemetry and detection capabilities through the Dapr dashboard.
It teaches you how to use Microsoft’s new invention called Project Tye to orchestrate your microservices using a tye.yaml file similar to docker-compose but without writing any docker files.
You will also learn how to debug a program broken by the Tye project.

You will also get to know structured logging server like SEQ, which helps you in drill-down queries.

 This course now covers Microsoft’s new offering for serverless deployment in Azure, namely Azure Container Apps deployment.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Software developers who want to learn distributed microservices applications

What you will learn in the Microservices Development Revolution with .Net5 and Dapr course:

  • Microservice development of modern distributed applications using Asp Net Core 5 and DAPR

 Microservices Development Course details

Publisher:  Udemy
Instructor: F. Frank Ozz
Language: English
Education level: introductory to advanced
Number of lessons: 36
Duration of education: 5 hours 31 minutes

Headlines of the course Microservices Development Revolution with .Net5 and Dapr:

 Microservices Development


 Microservices Development Course prerequisites:

  • Intermediate knowledge of C#, AspNetCore and mssql server

 Microservices Development Course pictures:


 Microservices Development

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