Udemy - Microservices Security - The Complete Guide 2021-9
Microservices Security

Udemy – Microservices Security – The Complete Guide 2021-9


Microservices Security – The Complete Guide is one of the training courses of the Udemi website with a focus on microservices, which deals with the security and stability of microservices in a completely dedicated way and will teach users the best methods of designing and developing microservices based on safety standards and patterns. Dad.

In this training course, you will get acquainted with the latest and most up-to-date methods and techniques for developing safe and powerful microservices, and you will apply them in practice. Security is one of the most important topics related to architecture and software development patterns that can completely change the process of developing and maintaining a project. Failure to pay attention to the security of a system can lead to disastrous consequences such as the disclosure of users’ private information, service disruption, and even the bankruptcy of a company.

As a software architect, you have a responsibility to ensure the security and stability of your software as much as possible and to consider all the different aspects. With the evolution of software development from integrated architectures to microservice-based systems, new security challenges have arisen for software architects and developers that need to be addressed.

Among the most important educational topics of this course are the definition of security and its various aspects, cyber threat modeling, various parameters of cyber security, common and frequent attacks and threats, topics related to authentication and access level, encryption of sensitive information, And noted secure communication. At the end of the course, you will be provided with a very practical checklist and roadmap that explains the steps of software security step by step.

What you will learn in Microservices Security – The Complete Guide:

  • Principles and foundations of microservice architecture
  • Terminology of software security world and familiarity with DDoSMFASQL Injection, and…
  • Common cyber threats and attacks
  • Use different logging and monitoring capabilities to instantly check the software and its inputs
  • Familiarity with the best methods of software security
  • Full acquaintance with the job of software architect
  • Ways to face common security challenges of microservices

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemi
Instructor: Memi Lavi
Language: English
Education Level: Average
Number of Courses: 58
Training Duration: 5 hours and 6 minutes

Course topics


Microservices Security

Prerequisites for Microservices Security – The Complete Guide

Some development knowledge is required, although there won’t be actual coding

Familiarity with microservices architecture concepts is recommended but not mandatory

No security background is required!

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Microservices Security

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