Udemy - Microsoft Windows Server 2019 - Hands-on Training Part I 2019
Windows Server 2019

Udemy – Microsoft Windows Server 2019 – Hands-on Training Part I 2019


Microsoft Windows Server 2019 – Hands-on Training Part I is the name of the first part of the video and practical training course for working with Windows Server 2019, which has been published by Yodmi Academy. Windows Server 2019 training course is complete and is designed for those who need to get acquainted with Server 2019 and build and maintain Microsoft Server 2019 network from the beginning.

In this course, you will learn how to install and configure Windows Server 2019 only as a network administrator or network consultant. You will also learn how to install, configure, and manage the most common services available on the Microsoft 2019 network.

This course teaches you the skills of managing the installation and configuration of the Microsoft Windows_Server 2019 domain and provides a powerful hands-on experience for learning Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and is designed for those who need to demonstrate day-to-day management and configuration skills.

Required to manage Microsoft Windows_Server 2019. This course provides practical training on how to install, maintain, and configure Microsoft Windows_Server 2019. The structure of the course is done using short educational videos and practical laboratories. Students open their VM Windows Server 2019 VM, watch a short tutorial video, complete the lab, and move on to the next tutorial.

Students who complete and complete this course can install and configure the Microsoft Windows Server 2019 domain with Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Group Policy, Certificates, and other maps and features commonly found in the Microsoft Windows Server 2019 domain.

Course labs include configuring three virtual machines to join the Microsoft Windows_Server 2019 network, creating a Microsoft Windows Server 2019 domain environment, and installing and configuring various server maps and features.

What you will learn in Microsoft Windows Server 2019 – Hands-on Training Part I:

  • Install and configure Windows Server 2019, implement Active Directory, and change the server environment
  • Install Windows Server 2019 as Server Core and Desktop Experience
  • Install basic rolls such as DNS, DHCP, and IIS
  • How to maintain a server network 2019

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Course specifications

Publisher:  Udemy
Instructor:  Prof.K
Language: English
Education Level: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 67
Training Duration: 6 hours and 14 minutes

Course topics


Windows Server 2019

Course Prerequisites

Candidates should have experience with navigating the Windows operating system.

Desktop PC or laptop with a minimum of 8 GB of RAM (16 GB preferred).

System BIOS with virtualization capabilities.

Should have completed either my Server 2012 and 2016 courses, parts I and II.

Course pictures


Windows Server 2019

Installation guide

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