Udemy - Modern Computer Vision ™ PyTorch, Tensorflow2 Keras & OpenCV4 2022
Modern Computer Vision

Udemy – Modern Computer Vision ™ PyTorch, Tensorflow2 Keras & OpenCV4 2022


Modern Computer Vision ™ PyTorch, Tensorflow2 Keras & OpenCV4 Computer vision training course and the development of systems and applications based on PyTorch, Tensorflow2, Keras, and OpenCV4 libraries developed by Udemy Academy It’s been published. All of these libraries are based on the Python and C ++ languages ​​and are frequently used in the development of systems based on artificial intelligence, machine vision, and machine learning.

This training course covers sparse yet important topics, the most important of which are torsional neural networks (CNN), competitive generative networks or generative adversarial networks (Generative Adversarial Networks), detection of human movements using From Detectron2, the YOLO version 5 algorithm, tracking, segmenting and classifying various values, Siamese neural network and… pointed out.

Computer vision in its simplest definition means that a computer can analyze signals and images received from the camera and webcam and extract various information from recorded images and videos. Computer vision is one of the most important subfields of artificial intelligence used in the military industry, automobiles, medical imaging, cameras and security systems, and so on.

What you will learn in Modern Computer Vision ™ PyTorch, Tensorflow2 Keras & OpenCV4:

  • Theory and various concepts of machine vision
  • Development of machine learning and computer vision-based systems with PyTorch, TensorFlow, and Keras libraries
  • Principles of Python Programming
  • OpenCV4 library and its various applications
  • Various object and motion detection frameworks such as YOLOv5, R-CNN, Detectron2, and…
  • Networking and segmentation using U-Net, SegNet, and DeepLabV3
  • Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Torsional Neural Networks (CNN)

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Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Rajeev D. Ratan
Language: English
Education Level: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 239
Training Duration: 27 hours and 50 minutes

Modern Computer Vision Course topics on 2022/3


Modern Computer Vision

Course Prerequisites

No programming experience (some Python would be beneficial)

Basic high school mathematics

A broadband internet connection

Modern Computer Vision Course pictures


Modern Computer Vision

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