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Udemy – .NET MAUI course with Visual Studio 2022 creating PROJECTS

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.NET MAUI course with Visual Studio 2022 creating PROJECTS is the name of the .NET MAUI course with Visual Studio 2022, published by Udemy Academy.

.NET MAUI is Microsoft’s powerful framework for creating cross-platform applications, that is, applications for Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS, whose code is written only once and then run on multiple platforms. In addition, the evolution of Xamarin means that the .NET MAUI support team has applied all the experience over several years to develop this new framework from scratch.
I have created this .NET MAUI course to teach you how to use the framework to create your own cross-platform applications, and throughout the course I will teach you how to use the various components of the framework to create Use these programs.
During this course, we will create a series of applications that will allow you to put into practice everything you have learned, so that you will know how to implement various features in real cases, in While you will have several applications that you can enter. Your portfolio will be updated periodically as more nuget controls and packages are updated so you always have the best information available. Among the main topics we discuss in this course are:
  • NET MAUI components
  • Features of the framework
  • Use controls to create graphical interfaces
  • Customize controls
  • Use local databases
  • Using REST services
  • Among many other topics
Expand your learning and learn about this fabulous new framework today. See you in the course.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • .NET developers who want to create cross-platform applications
  • In general, developers who want to enter the world of creating cross-platform applications.

What you will learn in the .NET MAUI course with Visual Studio 2022 creating PROJECTS:

  • .NET MAUI installation
  • NET MAUI controls
  • .NET MAUI Layouts
  • Use controls to create programs
  • Control customization
  • Many other topics

Course details

Publisher:  Udemy
Instructor: Héctor Uriel Pérez
Language: English
Education level: Advanced
Number of lessons: 182
Duration of training: 9 hours 5 minutes

Headlines of the .NET MAUI course with Visual Studio 2022 creating PROJECTS on 6-2022:

NET MAUI course


Course prerequisites:

  • Have basic knowledge of C#

Course pictures:

NET MAUI course

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