Udemy - Networking Concepts with Socket Programming - Academic Level
Socket Programming

Udemy – Networking Concepts with Socket Programming – Academic Level


Networking Concepts with Socket Programming – Academic Level is a network training course focusing on UDP, TCP, and HTTP socket programming, published by the Udemi website. Networking is a theoretical concept in general and can be a tedious topic for a wide range of students. In this training course, you will implement all the theoretical topics in a completely practical and interactive way in different projects, and you will communicate with the big and growing world of the network in a completely practical way.

All important and practical topics of the network are included in this training course, and with a complete study of this collection, you will not need other training courses. This course is recommended for undergraduate students in computer science, entrepreneurs, and network developers.

You do not need any basic knowledge or special background to pass this training course, but basic knowledge in the field of C programming language and basic familiarity with the world of networks and the Internet can help you in the educational process. In the initial planning and design of the courses of this course, beginners and those who have no experience in the field of networking have been in the center of attention, and the topics of the course start from simple topics and end with more complex and specialized topics, respectively.

Your main tool in this course is the C programming language, which is the most important and widely used technology in the field of networking.

Reasons for choosing a programming language C

  1. The whole process of network development and programming can be done in the C language. Many companies use this language and as a result, there are ideal job opportunities.
  2. Network equipment must first communicate with a set of hardware infrastructures. C programming language is one of the most widely used languages ​​in the field of system programming and has been used extensively in the development of hardware drivers and operating systems.
  3. C is a mid-level programming language. This language is not as low-level assembly as high-level Java and Python. In C programming, the developer has to write code line by line and specify all the small and large tasks, but in high-level languages ​​such as Java and Python, the language itself automatically takes over some of the tasks and with the help of a series of Libraries operate semi-automatically. The use of high-level languages ​​for computer science students can disrupt their educational process.

What you will learn in Networking Concepts with Socket Programming – Academic Level:

  • Frequently asked questions and topics in job interviews related to network management and programming
  • Introduction to Linux and Linux system programming
  • Solve challenges and develop applied projects for use in resumes
  • Build a packet from zero to one hundred
  • Routing L2 and L3
  • Introducing VLAN-based routing methods
  • Familiarity with the performance of the TCPIP protocol stack and its various layers
  • Mac Addresses and ARP
  • IP Addresses and IP protocol
  • And …

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemi
Instructor: Abhishek CSEPracticals, Shiwani Nigam and Ekta Ekta
Language: English
Learning Level: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 190
Training Duration: 23 hours and 1 minute

Networking Concepts with Socket Programming – Academic Level


Socket Programming

Prerequisites for Networking Concepts with Socket Programming – Academic Level

Basic UG course on Networking

Basic programming skills in C is required

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Socket Programming

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