Udemy – Next Amazona: Build ECommerce Website Like Amazon By Next.js 2022
Build ECommerce Website

Udemy – Next Amazona: Build ECommerce Website Like Amazon By Next.js 2022


Next Amazona: Build ECommerce Website Like Amazon By Next.js is a project-oriented training course on website development using Next.JS and MongoDB technologies, published by Udemy Academy. Next.js is a website development framework based on React that helps you implement various applications and websites as Server-side Rendering.

In this training course, you will use the Next.js framework and the MongoDB database to develop and launch a store website similar to the Amazon website. To study this training course, you must have a brief knowledge of the React framework and the JavaScript programming language. Next.js is a developing and powerful framework, and according to the latest estimates, there are 22 million jobs for this framework every year.

What you will learn in Next Amazona: Build ECommerce Website Like Amazon By Next.js course:

  • Basic concepts of the Next.js framework, such as starting a project and installing the framework
  • Using Material UI to build beautiful and responsive websites
  • Implementation of animations and exclusive themes for the website
  • Working with the PayPal online payment service API and connecting the website to the Internet payment gateway
  • Advanced topics of Next.js framework such as dynamic routingimage optimization, SSG, and SSR
  • A basic introduction to the powerful ReactJS framework
  • Using MongoDB and Mongoose databases to store information about products, orders, and users and then call the information when needed
  • Implementation and initial launch of the website on Vercel and Netlify services and hosts
  • Responsive and standard design principles
  • Final site optimization for users and search engines
  • The exclusive design of different pages of the site, such as the home page, product introduction, sidebar, menu and new bar, etc.
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Bassir Jafarzadeh
Language: English
Education Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 84
Duration of Education: 17 hours and 8 minutes

Course headings

Build ECommerce Website


Next Amazona course prerequisites: Build ECommerce Website Like Amazon By Next.js

React basics like component, state and hooks

Course images

Build ECommerce Website

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The 2022/7 version has increased the number of 36 lessons and the duration of 7 hours and 22 minutes compared to 2021/7. Most of the content of this course has been replaced with new content during this update.

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