Udemy - Next.js & React - The Complete Guide (incl. Two Paths!) 2021

Udemy – Next.js & React – The Complete Guide (incl. Two Paths!) 2021


NextJS & React – The Complete Guide is the name of a NextJS training course from the basics of building full-stack ReactJS applications using the NextJS framework. NextJS is a great option for a developing React developer and can help you take your React applications to the next level. Because NextJS is growing so fast, it is in high demand. It has never been so easy to build React programs that have a great user experience and higher SEO. In addition, NextJS makes it easy to build applications in both frontend + backend, and can also be used to authenticate users and manage user logins, logins, and sessions.

What you will learn in NextJS & React – The Complete Guide:

  • Learn all the key features of NextJS like pre-rendering, SSR, data fetching, file-based routing, and authentication
  • How to build client-side and full-stack ReactJS applications using NextJS
  • Build real projects and apply what you have learned to projects and examples
  • You can complete the course or, if you have limited time, only have the NextJS Summary module for a quick start in a limited time.

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Maximilian Schwarzmüller and Academind
Language: English
Level: Advanced to Advanced
Number of Courses: 273 Lessons
Duration: 25 hours and 1 minute

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NextJS & React Course Topics – The Complete Guide



Course prerequisites:

ReactJS knowledge is strongly recommended, but the course also includes a complete React refresher module
NO prior NextJS knowledge is required




Installation guide

After Extract, watch with your favorite Player.

English subtitle

Quality: 720p


Version 2021/11 has increased by 5 lessons and a time of 18 minutes compared to 2021/2.

Version 2021/12 compared to 2021/11 has increased the number of lessons by 1 minute and time by 1 minute.

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Download Part 1 – 2 GB
Download Part 2 – 2 GB
Download Part 3 – 1.89 GB
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