Udemy - NLP Practitioner Certification Course (Beginner to Advanced) 2020-5
NLP Practitioner Certification Course

Udemy – NLP Practitioner Certification Course (Beginner to Advanced) 2020-5


The Advanced NLP Practitioner Certification Course (NLP), originally entitled NLP Practitioner Certification Course (Beginner to Advanced), is available on the Udemy Web site by Mike Howell, an experienced professor of psychology. Selected by Udemy website and selected by Udemy Business. This training course has been purchased by major companies such as Mercedes, Volkswagen and Adidas.

NLP Practitioner Certification Course (Beginner to Advanced) provides comprehensive and step-by-step NLP training. By watching this 70-hour training course, you do not need any other training in the field of NLP. Neurolinguistic programming is essential for increasing self-awareness, improving communication with others at different intellectual levels, and employment and business creation.

NLP Practitioner Certification Course Features:

In this course you will learn how…

  • Increase self-awareness and social effectiveness.
  • Redesign your mind optimally to achieve success.
  • Provide opportunities to promote your personal growth.
  • Build deep relationships with others.
  • Communicate with honesty and transparency.
  • Develop dynamic skills in your daily relationships.
  • Create a vision for the future that aligns with your values.
  • Use a purposeful process to succeed.
  • Build unbreakable relationships.
  • Deal with your laziness or lack of motivation.
  • And…

Course details on 2020/12

Publisher: Udemy

Instructor: Mike Howell

English language

Level of training: from basic to advanced

Number of lessons: 320 lessons in 23 sections

Duration: 70 hours and 55 minutes

Course topics on 2020/12

NLP Practitioner Certification Course

required system:

  • No prior knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is needed to join this course.
  • Learners are prompted to take relevant notes (for self-reflection only).
  • This course can be studied anywhere with a stable internet connection.
  • An MP3 version is also accessible for those who like to learn ‘on the go’.
  • Access your training course from a tablet, smartphone, or desktop.
  • Additional PDF materials are included to further your learning.

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Installation guide:

After Extract, watch with your favorite Player.

English subtitle

Quality: 720p

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