Udemy – Node with React: Fullstack Web Development 2020-12

Fullstack Web Development
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Node with React: Fullstack Web Development is the name of a video tutorial in the field of web design and development and in the field of Node.Js training. In this course you will learn how to create web applications. By watching this training course, you will gain a very good understanding of this programming language. You will learn the concepts well and then you will start learning how to communicate between data and databases. In fact, this training course will teach you how to build and develop web apps in the best way, by providing you with the necessary concepts and skills.

This course is also suitable for anyone who wants to create modern and advanced web applications. In this course, you will also become familiar with web technologies and design patterns. It should also be noted that while watching this training course, you will encounter various programming and development topics such as React, Redux, Express and Mongo.

Features of Node with React: Fullstack Web Development course:

  • Access to world-class web technologies and design patterns
  • Learn conceptual and fully efficient how to build advanced web applications
  • Learn how to build projects with React, Redux, Express and Mongo
  • Learn how to build a program with Google OAuth authentication
  • Learn how to use different techniques and skills
  • And…

Course details:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Stephen Grider
  • Level: Advanced
  • Duration: 25h 49m
  • Number of lessons: 210 lessons
  • English language

Course Node with React: Fullstack Web Development:


  • Basic understanding of Javascript, React, and Redux
  • A Mac, Windows, or Linux computer

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Installation guide

After Extract, watch with your favorite Player.

English subtitle

Quality: 720p


The 2020/3 version has slightly increased in volume compared to the 1/2020. Probably no change in lessons and time.

Version 2020/6 has increased by 3 lessons and 4 minutes compared to 2020/3.

The 2020/9 version has increased by 1 lesson and 1 minute compared to 2020/6.

Version 2020/12 has decreased by 1 lesson and 6 minutes compared to 2020/9.

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