Udemy - OAuth 2.0 in Spring Boot Applications 2020-11
Spring Boot Applications

Udemy – OAuth 2.0 in Spring Boot Applications 2020-11


OAuth 2.0 in Spring Boot Applications is a course on securing content in Java web applications based on the Spring Boot framework using OAuth 2.0. OAuth 2.0 is the latest version of the OAuth Open Source Agreement, which is widely used today to secure content, especially online APIs. The second version is not compatible with the content secured by the first version, and this course only covers topics related to the second version. The topics of this course are generally related to how to set up and use the OAuth 2 suite in the Spring Security 5 framework, configure its various parts, set up protected servers and secure ports.

During this course, you will first learn how to build and apply all OAuth 2 licensing processes, set up and configure the Keycloak server and OAuth 2 resource server, and run multiple resource servers on random ports. Then you will get acquainted with setting up the Spring Cloud API and using the Discovery and Eureka Registry services. Build a simple Spring MVC web application that receives data from a secure gateway-protected resource server, as well as a simple JavaScript application that uses the PKCE-Enhanced license to access and communicate with a protected resource server. The final topics of this course are.

What do you learn:

  • New OAuth 2.0 suite in Spring Security 5 framework
  • Licensing Processes in OAuth 2.0
  • Use OAuth 2.0 in Spring Boot applications
  • Use Keycloak access and identity management solutions
  • Set up and configure OAuth 2.0 resource server
  • And …

This training is suitable for people who:

  • Beginner Java developers interested in learning OAuth 2.0

Specifications of OAuth 2.0 in Spring Boot Applications 2021-1:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Sergey Kargopolov
  • English language
  • Level of training: from basic to advanced
  • Number of lessons: 166 lessons in 16 sections
  • Duration: 9h 47m

Chapters OAuth 2.0 in Spring Boot Applications 2021-1

Spring Boot Applications


  • Knowledge of Java
  • Knowledge of Spring Boot
  • Knowledge of Spring MVC

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