Udemy - Python Network Programming Complete Masterclass 2020-12
Network Programming

Udemy – Python Network Programming Complete Masterclass 2020-12


Python Network Programming Complete Masterclass is a training course from the Udemy site that helps you learn network programming in Python language by building 5 network software. This course not only provides useful information for Python programming professionals, but also for those with little experience in network coding and automation. The instructor of this course will accompany you from the Hello World project to the stage of building the most complex network software and willfully teach the Python programming language.

During this course, you will learn network-related concepts in the Python language, and you will see the steps Python builds 5 network projects. In addition to learning the basics, you will learn to work with strings, lists, sets, numbers and boolean, directories, conditions and loops, functions, classes and objects, and file operators, and the information obtained. Apply in application projects. The instructor uses Arista vEOS in VirtualBox to test Python applications and shows you the results of executing code directly in the network environment.

Things to be taught in this course:

  • Teaching essential Python topics
  • Use Python to build network tools
  • Connect with SSH to a variety of network equipment
  • Performance monitoring
  • Build 5 network applications with Python language
  • Use modules to connect to networked devices
  • Build a configuration management tool with Python 3

Python Network Programming Complete Masterclass Course Specifications:

  • English language
  • Duration: 16 hours and 0 minutes
  • Number of courses: 212
  • Level of education: Intermediate
  • Instructor: Mihai Catalin Teodosiu, EpicPython Academy
  • File format: mp4

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Python Network Programming Complete Masterclass Course Topics:


Network Programming

Prerequisites for Python Network Programming Complete Masterclass:

  • No prior Python knowledge is required! This training teaches you everything, from scratch.
  • You should have a great desire to learn Python programming and do it in a hands-on fashion, without having to watch countless videos filled with slides and theory.
  • You should already be familiar with networking concepts like Switching, TCP / IP, CLI, SSHv2, Telnet, OSI Layers.
  • You are going to use only free software throughout the course: Python 3.7, VirtualBox, Arista vEOS, Notepad ++.
  • All you need is a decent PC or laptop (2GHz CPU, 8-16GB RAM) and an Internet connection to download the free tools.
  • Preferably, you should have a Windows OS to work on, to be fully synchronized with the course content.



Network Programming

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Old course title: Python 3 Network Programming – Build 5 Network Applications


Version 2020/3 has increased by 1 lesson and 10 minutes compared to 2019/10.

Version 2020/6 has increased by 7 lessons and 6 minutes compared to 2020/3.

Version 2020/12 has increased by 59 lessons and 4 hours compared to 2020/6.

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