Udemy - React Tutorial and Projects Course 2022
React Tutorial

Udemy – React Tutorial and Projects Course 2022


React Tutorial and Projects Course is the name of a training course from the Udemy website that introduces you to the React.js library and teaches you how to build various projects with React. React.js is a JavaScript library first published in 2013 by the Facebook website development team. This library can be used as a base code in the construction of mobile applications or single-page applications due to its optimization in receiving information that changes rapidly.

In this course, you will learn to work with React.js and you can create various projects with its help. The instructor will first introduce you to the basics of this library and show you how to install the necessary programs. It then explains important HTML, CSS, and JavaScript commands and examines React applications. During this course, you will see how to build 6 application projects with the help of the React.JS library, and at the end, you can start building any web application of your choice.

Things that are taught in this course:

  • Familiarity with React.js library applications
  • Learn important HTML, CSS, and JavaScript commands
  • Install essential programs
  • Build one-page applications
  • Create 6 different projects with the help of React.js

React Tutorial and Projects Course Details:

  • English language
  • Duration: 52 hours and 27 minutes
  • Number of courses: 477
  • Level of education: Intermediate
  • Instructor: John Smilga
  • File format: mp4

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React Tutorial  Course topics

React Tutorial

Course prerequisites

  • Strong Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS is Required. ES6 is optional.

React Tutorial  Pictures


React Tutorial

Installation guide

After Extract, watch with your favorite Player.

English subtitle

Quality: 720p


The 2020/10 version has increased by 78 lessons and about 8 hours compared to 2020/9.

Version 2020/11 has decreased by 79 lessons and about 12 hours compared to 2020/10.

The version of 11/30/2020 has increased by 73 lessons and about 10 hours compared to 11/20/2020.

The 2020/12 version has increased by 36 lessons and about 4 hours compared to 11/30/2020

Version 2021/1 has reduced 105 lessons and about 11 hours compared to 2020/12.

Version 2021/1/30 has increased by 16 lessons and about 2.5 hours compared to 1/2021.

Version 2021/3 has increased by 3 lessons and 4 minutes compared to 2021/1/30.

Version 2021/10 has increased by 4 lessons (1 section) and 21 minutes compared to 2021/3.

Version 2022/2 has increased by 17 lessons (3 sections) and a duration of 1 hour and 27 minutes compared to 2021/10. Its quality has also been upgraded from 720p to 1080p. Periods from this date are also free.

Version 2022/4 compared to 2022/2 has 46 lessons (7 sections) and a duration of 2 hours and 29 minutes and its quality has been reduced from 1080p to 720p.

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Download Section 6 – 473 MB
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