Udemy - RF Microwave & Transmission Line Theory - RAHRF200 2021
RF Microwave

Udemy – RF Microwave & Transmission Line Theory – RAHRF200 2021


RF Microwave & Transmission Line Theory – RAHRF200 is a project-based RF microwave project and transmission line theory course published by Udemi Academy. This training course is the third part of the comprehensive training program Rahsoft RF Certificate and in a completely specialized way, the topics related to radiofrequency, microwave waves, and radio transmission line theory (Radio transmission line theory) and its principles are explained.

This training course is completely project-oriented and is designed with a focus on the powerful ADS Keysight software. This course is completely project-oriented and practical, and you will perform many applied calculations in ADS software or manually.

What you will learn in the RF Microwave & Transmission Line Theory – RAHRF200 course:

  • Complete understanding of microwave RF and solving practical examples
  • Transmission line theory
  • Smith chart _ _
  • Solve practical examples and perform calculations in ADS Keysight software

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemi
Instructor: Rahsoft RF Certificate
Language: English
Education Level: Basic
Number of Courses: 46
Duration: 7 hours and 58 minutes

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Course topics


RF Microwave

Course Prerequisites


Basic electrical engineering concepts

RAHRF101and RAHRF152 prior to this course is preferred but not required


Course pictures


RF Microwave

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