Udemy – ROS2 For Beginners (ROS Foxy, Humble – 2022)

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ROS2 For Beginners (ROS Foxy, Humble – 2022) is an introductory training course for the development and programming of the operating system of robots with ROS2, published by Udemy Academy. This training course is completely practical and project-oriented, and various topics will be explained in a logical step-by-step manner.

ROS2 is a collection of libraries and software tools that can be used to create drivers, advanced algorithm writing, and open-source software development in the field of robotics. While starting the ROS2 learning process, many questions may occupy students’ minds. All these questions have been considered by the instructor of the course, and he will give suitable answers to each of these questions during the training process of the course.

What you will learn in the ROS2 For Beginners (ROS Foxy, Humble – 2022) training course:

  • Initial installation of ROS2
  • Installing required packages and libraries
  • Debugging and troubleshooting written programs and codebases
  • ROS2 nodes, threads, and services
  • Custom and exclusive ROS2 messages
  • ROS2 parameters and launch files
  • Basic principles and basic concepts of ROS2
  • Development and construction of an application based on ROS2 from zero to one hundred
  • Using Python and C++ programming languages ​​in ROS2
  • Different ROS2 tools and ways to exploit each
  • Basic principles of ROS2 development and programming

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Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Edouard Renard
Language: English
Education level: Introductory
Number of lessons: 95
Duration of training: 10 hours and 50 minutes

ROS2 For Beginners  Course topics on 7/2022

ROS2 For Beginners


ROS2 For Beginners  Course prerequisites

Programming basics in Python and/or C++
Some basics in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) are welcome, although not 100% mandatory
You need to know how to use basic commands in a terminal
And of course, a strong willingness to learn
Precision: No need to know anything about ROS1!

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ROS2 For Beginners

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